NEON Command

NEON Command is an integral part of the NEON system. It is typically the first and last stop for all use cases.

The primary functionality for NEON Command is the creation of building models. Adding building models allows for 3D tracking and also improves 2D tracking. The Building Editor documentation outlines all of the tools available for creating a building, and the Complex Building tutorial provides a walk-through to create some of the most complex structures.

Beyond building modeling, NEON Command allows for viewing tracking sessions. Personnel Trackers can view their tracking sessions either in real-time or in a historical view. Signal Mappers may open previously taken Signal Maps to view or export signal data in a variety of formats. The NEON Command view of personnel is able to display more information than is available on a NEON app’s view, such as path history, error, and all sorts of signal information for Signal Mappers.

Further information for various functionalities of NEON Command can be found in the pages below. Functionality is limited to Signal Mapping customers only, and it is marked as such in the list.

  • Building Editor - Details about all of the tools in the building editor and how to use them. This also describes some of the best practices for creating a building.
  • Color Maps (Signal Mapper) - Explains how to create color maps that are customized for a given use case.
  • Sign In / Sign Out - Explains various methods of signing in to NEON Command.

This documentation is intended to provide an in-depth view of particular functionalities and features of NEON Command. For a more guided explanation of usage the product, please see the Tutorials section.