Signal Map Reports

While viewing signal maps, users can create reports of .csv files with information about path locations and all signal information collected along the path. Most reports also include images of the heatmap and path. Please see the Signal Map documentation for information about generating heatmaps.

Once a signal map is open and a heatmap has been generated, a report can be created. To do this, click, “File > Export” and then select a report type to generate. The sections below will describe the contents of each report type.

Export - Menu

CSV Report

The CSV report creates a .zip file with multiple .csv files and any images that were taken during the log. If there are any notes or picture in the signal map, the first .csv file will contain a list of these items with their location and timestamp. The next .csv file will be the NEON locations from the signal map. This file will contain information about each path point including: timestamp, lat-long, heading, floor, altitude, and the errors associated with the location data.

Report - CSV

Each of the remaining .csv files contains the measurements for a single signal type and the location data for those measurements. The location data in these files contain the same data types as found in the “NEON Locations” file. The signal data includes all data pertaining to the file’s signal type.

This report creates files for all types measured in a signal map and therefore it is not necessary to create a heatmap before generating this report.

Image Report

The image report is based on the floors that are covered by the selected heatmap. The report contains a folder for each building in the signal map and a sub folder for each floor. While the report is being generated, it will take an image of each floor to be included in that floor folder. Additionally, any pictures and notes will also be included in the folder. Like the CSV report, a NEON location .csv file and a signal .csv file will be generated for each floor. The signal type selected for the heatmap will be the only include type of signal .csv file.

Grid Testing Report

In order to export a Grid Testing Report, the grid testing option must first be enabled by clicking “Edit > Preferences > Signal Mapper > Enable Grid Testing”. Once this option has been enabled and heatmap has been generated, the grid testing report can be exported. This report will contain all of the same information as the image report, but it will also include a .csv file each floor with information about each grid tile. This information for the grid tiles will include the center lat-long, the floor number, the number of measurements, the signal min/max/average, and a pass/fail/incomplete grade.

For more information, please see the Signal Map documentation.

iBwave Report

This export method allows users to save their signal data in a format that can be used by iBwave software. Similar to the image export, this method will only include data for the signal type selected in the “Signal Map” sidebar.