Grid Testing

Grid Testing can be enabled while viewing any signal map to display pass/fail grids that satisfy the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and International Fire Code (IFC) testing requirements. Grid Testing can also be enabled in the NEON Signal Mapper Android app in order to verify grids are being adequately measured while mapping your test site.

Grid Testing Report

Creating critical area grids

The NFPA code specifies that critical areas of a building are to have their own grid and 99% coverage is required in these areas. To add a critical area to your building, enter the building editor and click on the “Place Critical Area” under “Grid Testing.” Click at each corner to outline the critical area, then accept changes to save.

Create Critical Area Outline Critical Area Completed Critical Area

Grid Testing Preview Report

In order to view the building grids for the floors and critical areas for advance approval, you can select your building and click “File > Export > Grid Testing Preview (Selected Building).” This will generate a set of images showing the grids that will be used while on site.

Grid Testing Preview Floor Grids Preview Critical Area Grids Preview

Grid Testing Analysis

In order to view grids on NEON Command, enable “Grid Testing” in the “Grid Testing Settings” at the bottom of the “Signal Map” tab when viewing a signal map. You can set the number of measurements required in each grid, as well as the min, max, and threshold values. Grid sizes are automatically computed, but if you would like to specify a standard size for the grid you can change this here as well. Once you are satisfied with the look of the grids, you can move on to generating a report.

Grid Testing Settings Floor Grids 2D Critical Areas 2D

Grid Testing Report

To export a Grid Testing Report, click on File -> Export -> Grid Testing Report. A Grid Testing Report will include a view of the grids on each floor of the building along with statistics for each grid tile. This will include the center lat-long, the floor number, the number of measurements, the signal min/max/average, and a pass/fail/incomplete for the grid tile. There will also be a separate image and .csv file that shows the critical areas on a floor along with statistics for the grids in those critical areas.

Grid Testing Report Grid Testing Report Critical Areas