General Tutorials

The NEON solution is simple to work with, but those who are new might not know where to start. The tutorials in this section explain how to use aspects of the NEON system from beginning to end. Not only will these tutorials walk you through step by step, but they will also explain some of the best practices to get the most out of the NEON Solution. There are tutorials dedicated to the NEON Personnel Tracker use case and the NEON Signal Mapper use case. There are also some tutorials to help you through some of the more advanced capabilities of the solution, such as the Complex Buildings tutorial. Additionally, specific subscription features, such as Offline Buildings are also covered.

The list of tutorials below describes the contents of each tutorial and may help you discover additional content you would like to try out.

  • Signal Mapper - This will take you through the entire Signal Mapper use case including building creation, running Signal Mapper with good data, viewing the data you collect, and exporting your results for distribution.

  • Complex Buildings - This tutorial will show you how to create a complex building such as a transit hub or stadium. These complex buildings require more effort than a simple office building. This tutorial will explain how to use all of the tools you will need to accurately create these buildings.

  • Add a Building Not on the Map - Satellite images may take some time to update and recently constructed buildings may not appear. This tutorial will explain various methods of accurately creating the buildings in NEON Command.

  • Offline Mode - This software mode will allow you to operate without communicating with the NEON Cloud. This tutorial will walk you through each process to use Offline Mode on NEON Command and the NEON Apps.

If there is a particular tutorial that you are looking for, please email to see if it will be available soon. If your particular tutorial is not available at this time, we would be happy to instruct you directly.