Quick Start

Installation for NEON PT-MIL

  1. Sideload the ATAK software and required NEON PT-MIL ATAK plugins on the End User Device (EUD) by connecting your EUD device to your PC and transferring the apks files from your PC to your EUD.

Note: You may need to enable the Transfer Files over USB option on your EUD to access your phone’s internal storage.

    The following software must be installed: 
    - ATAK NEON Plugin
    - Neon Location Service 
    - Neon GPS Plugin

Note: This installation guide assumes users are installing ATAK and the NEON plugins for the first time. If you have previously installed ATAK, locate all NEON and ATAK related files and delete. This can be done by navigating to the Settings > Apps menu on your EUD. This must be done before installing any new apks.

  1. Install the files by tapping on the file from the drop-down notification bar.
    • You can also install the apks from the Downloads folder on the Android device by locating the Downloads folder on your Android and tapping on the transfered files.


  1. Open the ATAK app on the EUD.

  2. Accept Permissions by tapping “Accept” on all permissions when prompted.

  3. Pair the offline tracking unit to the EUD.
    • Turn on the Tracking Unit.
    • Follow the pairing wizard prompts. You are ready to intialize when your tracking unit is green.

      Note: You may also connect the tracking unit using a USB cable. View FAQ for more information on recommended cables.

  4. Initialize inertial sensors by walking around in an area with good GPS and a clear view of the sky. If you are under threat, initialize using the 3 point check-in method by tapping “Set Location” in the TRX NEON Location menu.
    • Move the map to place the crosshairs at your actual location.
    • Press the “OK” to complete the check-in.
    • Walk 15 meters and repeat until your inerial status is excellent.
  5. Walk through your GPS denied area to map GPS status.
    • While you are tracking, your location will be displayed as an arrow with a blue circle around it. The blue circle represents your error bound.
    • You can enable viewing the locations of other members of your team by opening the NEON Settings menu and configuring your UWB Shared Network. View UWB Settings for more information on configuring your UWB Network.

      Note: In order to see your team’s location, you must be on the same Network.