1. What do I need to get started with PT-MIL?

To purchase the required software, you should reach out to sales@trxsystems.com. For assistance with your configuration, you should reach out to support@trxsystems.com. In the simplest configuration, you will need an Android phone and an offline tracking unit. View configurations for more information about getting started.

2. Where can I purchase the cables to configure my NEON PT-MIL Solution?

Cables and hardware can be purchased from several vendors. TRX recommends the following cables and vendors for the full Nett Warrior setup with DAGR:

Tips for Troubleshooting

  • If compatibility issues arise, completely uninstall the NEON plugins and ATAK software that is installed on your device. Reinstall the software by locating the apks in your Android device‚Äôs internal storage. Ensure that the NEON plugins are the same version number as ATAK.

  • Check to ensure that your conformal wearable battery is charged. If the battery has low to no power, the Nett Warrior hub and its connections will not receive power.