Jammer Finder

NEON PT-MIL fuses location data from all available inputs to deliver the most reliable position. PT-MIL can also detect and map jamming and spoofing threats using external inputs such as the DAGR.

Jammer Finder is a NAVWAR capability that locates the direction of a GPS jammer.

Enable Jammer Finder

  1. Navigate to the NAVWAR menu panel and click Jammer Finder. NAVWAR

  2. Once you open the Jammer Finder, you will see GPS jamming detection appear in the circle. Each green dot is a jammed GPS signal. NAVWAR

  3. Click on the “Direction Finder” button and spin 360 degrees around in a circle to collect jamming signals in a 360 degree circle. NAVWAR

  4. Turn the Jammer Finder off to submit your measurements and the NEON plugin will generate a heatmap.