UWB Settings

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) sharing can be enabled to allow sharing of location information using the UWB capabilities of the NEON Tracking Unit. The UWB Sharing options are configured in the NEON Settings menu.

UWB Network Setup

  1. Open the NEON Settings and scroll to UWB Network. UWB Network

    By default, the UWB Network will be set to Off. Tap Channel and select “Custom.”

    UWB Network

  2. Under “Custom Settings,” set the “Current Channel” name and “Validation Code” which serves as a passcode. Only personnel with the same channel name and correct password can access shared location information.

    UWB Network

  3. After setting up the network, users can determine their “Share Type.”

    Share Type

    There are three location sharing types that can be selected. Those options are highlighted below.

     A. GPS: Continuously shares GPS. Use this if you (or vehicle) have a higher quality GPS.
     Location is not shared if user/GPS location uncertainty is greater than 50 meters.
     B. Location: Continuously shares user locations to improve accuracy. Navigator uses this if they check-in more frequently or otherwise maintain a better location.
         -When autosharing, battery life is diminished to about 4 hours. 
         -Location is not shared if user/GPS location uncertainty is greater than 50 meters. 
     C. Check-in: Used if “Navigator” can check-in at visually known points. These are shared for 30 seconds. Sharing stops before that if user moves more than 10m.

Procedure to Drop Beacons

Dropped beacons are also shared across the UWB network.

Drop Beacon

To drop beacons, tap the “Drop Beacon” button and scan for nearby beacons.

Drop Beacon

The nearby beacons will appear and users should select the appropriate beacon.

Drop Beacon

Note: If the UWB Network is not enabled in the NEON Settings menu, users will see the following message appear. Drop Beacon