Inertial Status

NEON PT MIL uses inertial sensors to track the soldier when GPS is not available. The inertial sensors degrade over time. The better your inertial status, the longer you can walk in a GPS denied space without any GPS or other inputs. The Inertial Status represents the distance that the soldier can walk before the error bound radius grows by 100 meters.

Initialization is the process of increasing the Inertial Status to 4 bars and requires the soldier to walk around to calibrate the inertial sensors. No bars means the soldier has no location. One bar means the location is known, but there is no dead reckoning capability. Two bars means about 100 meters dead reckoning capability. Three bars means about 250 meters dead reckoning capability. Four bars means about 500 meters dead reckoning capability.

Under Normal Conditions - Initialize with GPS

Initialize with GPS by ensuring the EUD has a clear view of the sky and by walking around in an area with good GPS.

Under Threat Conditions - Initialize with Check-Ins

Use the three point check-in method to initialize if under threat.

Walk to a landmark on the map and tap “Set Location.”


Drag the map so the crosshairs are centered at the current location.


When successfully set, the user will see “TRX Set Location ##.”


Walk 15 meters and repeat until Inertial Status is Excellent.