Android Building Editor

Minor adjustments can be made to the building model from the Android application such as adding a floor plan or a new floor. The building editor tools can be accessed by long pressing on the building shape. The intended use case is that the user has already created the building model using NEON Command, but perhaps there is an additional floor that was not added to the building model.

Add or Remove a Floor

Upon visiting a building for the first time, the user may realize that the number of floors above or below the building is incorrect. This can be fixed by long pressing on the building and using the add/remove floor tool.

Add or Remove a Floor Plan

Floor plans may be unavailable ahead of time when the user is creating the building model in NEON Command. Often times, the floor plan for a building is displayed on site as a fire escape plan near stairwells. The user may choose to take a picture of the floor plan, or pull one up from device memory. The simple floor plan edit tool allows the user to adjust the floor plan to fit inside of the building.

If the floor plan is an architectural drawing, use a fingertip to resize and rotate the floor plan to make it fit over the building outline. When done, tap the “Check Mark” icon in the upper right corner to confirm the changes. To edit another floor, select the floor and tap on the appropriate tool.

Saving Changes

To save the recent changes to the building model, tap the “Save” icon and then tap “Yes”. To discard, tap the “Back Button” and discard.

Saved building data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and becomes available to all users registered to the same NEON subscription. For information on how to keep building data in local memory and prevent it from syncing with the cloud, refer to the offline buildings feature.