Pairing the Tracking Unit to the Android device is the first step in Signal Mapping. If there is no Tracking Unit selected when the app starts up, the pairing wizard will prompt the user to select a Tracking Unit. Tracking Units can also be paired using a Bluetooth Scan or NFC.

Note: The status indicator at the top of the screen indicates that tracking is disabled until a Tracking Unit is selected.

Pairing Wizard

Pairing Wizard

The following sequence shows the progression through the pairing wizard. At the end of the wizard, a Tracking Unit will be selected and it will return you to the main map screen.

Pairing Sequence

Bluetooth Scan

To access the Tracking Unit Settings pages, open the Navigation Menu and click on the Tracking Unit icon. The text next to the icon will either say “Tracking Disabled” if not currently tracking or the name of the currently selected Tracking Unit.

Tracker Settings

Tap on “Tracking Disabled” to open the Tracking Unit Settings. It will then automatically scan for any nearby NEON Tracking Units.

Tracker Select

The NEON Tracking Unit is discoverable for the first two minutes that it is powered on. It can be powered on by holding down the power button until the top LED shows a solid green light. During this time, the NEON Tracking Unit’s four-digit serial number be displayed in a list of available Tracking Units.

Tracker Paired

Tap on the Tracking Unit serial number to pair. A prompt is displayed to verify the Tracking Unit selection. Tap “YES” to continue.

NEON will then automatically pair and connect to it. When this is successful, the top LED on the Tracking Unit will blink blue and the settings page will update as below.

Tracker Paired

NOTE: If the Tracking Unit does not show up in the list after a Bluetooth scan, try power cycling the Tracking Unit, then tap “Scan Again”.


The NEON Tracking Unit contains an NFC antenna and it can be used to pair with an Android device running Personnel Tracker. In order for this to work, NFC must be enabled in the Android settings. When the NFC antenna on the Android touches the Android antenna on the NEON Tracking Unit, the devices will automatically pair and connect. The NFC antenna is located behind the TRX logo on the Tracking Unit. The NEON Tracking Unit’s LED blinks dark blue when it is paired and connected to an Android device running NEON.

NFC Pairing