The Personnel Tracker Visualizer provides context for and displays user location.


Each element in the visualizer is labeled in the image above:

A. The menu icon opens up the navigation drawer for Settings, About, Report Bug, Check for Updates, Log Out and other menu items. Visit Navigation Menu for more information.

Note: Switch to Mapper is also available in this list if the user has mapper permissions enabled by the subscription administrator.

B. The “Nav Lock” shows one to four bars that represent the capability of the NEON Location Service to maintain the current error bounds without any additional constraints (beacons, GPS, check-ins). It will also display the current tracking and connection status. Visit Nav Lock Indicator for more information

C. The “Layers” menu allows hiding or showing buildings, features, references, and track others.

D. The “Check-in” icon allows users to manually check in on their location. This icon is only available if the user has enabled “Manual Check-ins” in the App Settings page.

E. The “Center on Me” icon centers the map on the user’s location. Clicking on the icon twice will enable “Heads Up” display and the map will orient itself based on the user’s heading.

F. The “Elevation” sidebar allows the user to select a floor in the building. The currently selected floor is highlighted in blue.

G. A building can be selected by tapping on the building shape. If a floor plan image has been added to NEON, then the floor plan is displayed. The Avatar is an icon that shows the position and direction that the user is facing. The avatar is a circle when the direction of the user is unknown. The error bound circle surrounding the avatar shows the uncertainty of the location.