Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is accessed by swiping right on the screen or clicking on the menu icon on the top left side of the visualizer.

Menu Bar

A. Toggles between Mapper and Personnel Tracker modes.

B. Sets the display name and color for the user’s avatar.

C. Displays the currently selected Tracking Unit, also allows users to change their Tracking Unit and update the unit’s firmware. Go to Pairing for more information.

D. Accesses app-wide Settings.

E. Brings up a search dialog that allows users to center their location on an address or coordinates.

F. Synchronizes user’s data with cloud data.

G. View a list of personnel, waypoints, and references in the user’s subscription. See Track Others for more information.

H. A tool to update Beacon firmware.

I. Download and save maps for offline use.

J. Accesses information about the current app.

K. Checks for updates if available.

L. Send feedback and bugs.

M. Logs out of the user’s current account.