Subscription Feature Flags

The standard NEON solution can be augmented by a number of subscription level features. The features can only be enabled by TRX Systems. Please email to discuss if these features are appropriate for your use case.

Internal Sensors

This feature is for using the phone’s internal sensors instead of using the sensors in the Tracking Unit. This feature is used in limited use cases and is only supported if the Android device is mounted to the user.

Offline Buildings

This feature allows users to create buildings whose data will not pass through the NEON Cloud. The buildings can be created in NEON Command and exported to a .maps file. Once exported, the buildings then can be sideloaded on to the NEON Android apps. No real-time location data will be sent to other clients while tracking in an Offline Building, and Signal maps will not be uploaded to the cloud. For more information on the process of using Offline Buildings, please see the Offline Buildings Tutorial.

Marker Evaluation

This feature allows the user to place debug markers while they are walking. The debug markers are placed in the Android app to mark the user’s true location regardless if their path lines up. The markers create a ground truth that can then be evaluated by comparing NEON’s location to the ground truth location. The output of processing a file with debug markers is a list of location deltas, which can be used to determine the accuracy.


This feature allows NEON to test certain new features with a limited number of users.

Integration Partners

TRX Systems is partners with a couple of test and measurement equipment manufacturers to develop integrations that are tailored to their unique solutions. The scope of these integrations is not covered on this site; however, more information can be found at the links below.