Subscription Settings

The standard NEON solution can be augmented by a number of subscription options. The features can only be enabled by TRX Systems. Please email to discuss if these features are appropriate for your use case.

Offline Only

This feature prevents the NEON clients from sending data to and from the NEON Cloud. This feature flag enforces that all clients use the “Offline Mode” login on the NEON software and keep all data local.

Remote Signal Mapping

Remote Mapping allows signals mappers to view signal measurements in real time on NEON Command. In Signal Mapper, users can set their viewing mode to “Local” or “Remote”. Signal Mapper in the “Local” mode will operate normally, as described in the Signal Mapper documentation. Setting the mode to “Remote” allows location and signals to be viewed on NEON Command in real time. This mode also passes control of the filter settings from Signal Mapper to NEON Command. NEON Command is then able to set signal filters that will be automatically updated in NEON Signal Mapper.

Marker Evaluation

This feature allows the user to place debug markers while they are walking. The debug markers are placed in the Android app to mark the user’s true location regardless if their path lines up. The markers create ground truth that can then be evaluated by comparing NEON’s location to the ground truth location. The output of processing a file with debug markers is a list of location deltas, which can be used to determine the accuracy.