I’m working in a new building and it’s not on a map. How do I draw it?

Because the maps are controlled by third parties, TRX Systems cannot control when they are updated. This means that often times, buildings under construction do not appear on the map. The first thing to do is to look through the other base maps listed in the drop-down located in the top left of the NEON Command visualizer. “Satellite (Latest)” is likely the best option.

If none of the provided base maps show the building, it may require a bit of extra effort. A tutorial will be coming soon which explains the suggested process.

I just created my building, but it isn’t showing up. Where is it?

This is most likely because the layer is turned off. In the Layer menu (top left of the visualizer), check to make sure that Buildings and the nested items are enabled. If your building layers are enabled but you still do not see your building, please contact

Are there newer maps I can use?

Our maps are from ESRI and OSM. The default base map shows the clearest images in their database; meaning the most top-down view. In the Maps dropdown (top left of the visualizer) you will also find Satellite (Latest) which will display the most recent images ESRI offers. The Open Street Map option is updated regularly, but it is publicly maintained and may not have some buildings.

If you have access to another base map source, you can load them in the “Advanced” section of the “Preferences”.