Tracking Unit Pairing

In order for the NEON Location Service to produce locations, it needs to be paired to a NEON Tracking Unit. The easiest way to do this is to start the NEON Settings Activity.

Pair Tracking Unit

Once you open the NEON Settings Activity, the first thing to do is to pair with a NEON Tracking Unit.

  1. Tap the Tracking Unit menu option
  2. Turn on your NEON Tracking Unit

The NEON Tracking Unit will blink green and can be paired with an Android phone for one minute after being turned on. Continue scanning until you see the Tracking Unit’s S/N show up in the list.

Select the Tracking Unit’s S/N to begin the pairing process. You may be prompted to allow pairing.

If the pairing is successful, the light on the Tracking Unit will turn blue and the Tracking Unit’s S/N will appear under the Tracking Unit menu. There will also be a status notification icon in the top bar of your phone when the Tracking Unit is connected and NEON Location Service is running.

Tracking Unit