Class SignalDefinition

  • public class SignalDefinition
    extends java.lang.Object
    A signal definition provides everything needed for NEON Signal Mapper to display signal information on Android and Neon Command, display signal measurements and heatmaps, and export reports The Signal Key uniquely identifies a signal Identifier Definitions are pieces of information that identify a particular signal source and can be used to separate individual signal types Heatmap Definitions describe measurements that can be displayed in a heatmap and viewed as colored signal dots Display Definitions are additional pieces of information that are displayed with a particular signal measurement
    • Field Detail

      • Key

        public final SignalKey Key
        The key that uniquely identifies a signal
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    • Method Detail

      • generateSignalMeasurementBuilder

        public SignalMeasurementBuilder generateSignalMeasurementBuilder()
        Retrieves a Signal Measurement Builder for this Signal Definition In order to generate a signal measurement, you should get the builder from here
        SignalMeasurementBuilder for this Signal Definition
      • getMeasurements

        public java.util.ArrayList<HeatmapDefinition> getMeasurements()
        The list of heatmap definitions for this signal
      • getIdentifiers

        public java.util.ArrayList<IdentifierDefinition> getIdentifiers()
        The list of identifier definitions for this signal
      • getDisplay

        public java.util.ArrayList<DisplayDefinition> getDisplay()
        The list of display definitions for this signal